About Us

Syscom Services was established in 1986. We are headquartered in Silver Spring, Maryland and service clients nationwide.

We understand the challenges organizations face when receiving and managing large amounts of data. Syscom specializes in using a variety of technologies –from enterprise information management systems to data capture to advanced fax technology– to address these problems for clients of all sizes.

We think our success and longevity is due to our people our partners and our focus on service. We are easy to work with and a happy client is our number one priority.

Syscom Services was acquired by HMB in July 2016, allowing us to enhance our support and product offerings with an expanded roster.

Company Philosophy

Syscom Services’ philosophy is based on three key beliefs:

  1. We want to be a company that is built to last, providing stability for our clients and employees, as well as a healthy, enjoyable work environment.
  2. Providing clients with consistently outstanding service is the key to keeping clients and building a company that lasts and prospers. Whatever the short-term costs, our goal is to make sure that every client is happy.
  3. Great employees make great companies. People with good training and communications skills will perform better when they are happy, stable, and motivated. People must have fair compensation, flexibility, and a share in the success of the company to be happy and motivated.

Meet some of the folks at Syscom Services

Individuals comprise any team, and we feel lucky because our people are the absolute best at what they do. From weekly industry updates to product implementations, we take a collaborative approach – even when it comes to happy hours.

Jim Kelly

Jim Kelly

[Officially] Jim Kelly has provided technology and marketing expertise to associations, corporations and government agencies for more than 25 years. Mr. Kelly has been a speaker at numerous conferences and expositions around the country, focusing on technology topics such as the Internet, e-commerce, social networking, telephony and other emerging technologies.

[Unofficially] If there is a ball involved, Jim is happy! An avid tennis (4.5), basketball and baseball player, Jim rounds out life by volunteering as a mentor, taking an occasional art class and spending time with his wife and three grown kids. Jim is on the Board of Directors for the Sustainable Living Association and travel is a priority on his list of fun things to do!

Alton Bell III

Alton Bell III

[Officially] Alton Bell joined Syscom Services in 1990 as the company’s first hire. Now the Vice President of Technical Services, Alton is a self-taught Information Technology Engineer. He specializes in networking, applications and telephony.

[Unofficially] Alton is an avid golfer and has been playing since 1999. He runs amateur golf tournaments called the DC Golf Tour with his golf partners. He also enjoys vacationing with his family and bowling. He bowls in a ten pin league every summer and proclaims the ability to bowl with either hand. His legacy is the word he created, “Acrodundant,” which means the redundant use of an acronym like SAT Test, or PIN Number.

Sarah Schexnayder

Sarah Schexnayder

[Officially] Sarah has been working with Syscom Services since 2005. She enjoys forming relationships with her customers and introducing innovative technologies to solve their complex business issues. Sarah is responsible for her department’s vendor relations, business development, identification and introduction of new product lines and sales. Sarah holds a B.A. in English Language and Literature from the University of Maryland at College Park.

[Unofficially] Sarah is originally from Florida. A big cold weather wuss, she is happiest in the warm weather fishing or boating in the Chesapeake Bay. Being a proud military wife, Sarah likes to volunteer with the local military spouses group and Operation Welcome Home Maryland. When Sarah’s not busy planning parties or trips, she’s finding new parks to explore with her adorable kids.

Fitz-Roy Peart

Fitz-Roy Peart

[Officially] Fitz joined Syscom Services in 1995 and have more than 25 years’ experience in Information Systems, Electronic Communications, LAN/WAN Systems and Telecommunications. He has a vast array of knowledge in Fax applications, Document management application and electronic information processing application.

At Syscom Services, Fitz is responsible for technical design, implementation, and support of or electronic document delivery and information processing solutions for our customers.

[Unofficially] Fitz enjoys running and playing basketball to stay in shape. You may spot him hiking in Great Falls, VA or Sugar Loaf Mountain, MD on the weekend. He is pretty handy with a hammer and spends a lot of his downtime on DIY projects at home. He loves to travel and experience new places and new things with family.

Lanny Sparks

Lanny Sparks

[Officially] Lanny joined Syscom Services in 1993, first in an administrative capacity. About a year and a half later, he moved to the technical department and assumed the duties for HP (formerly Autonomy, formerly Verity, formerly Cardiff) TeleForm and LiquidOffice technologies. He has worked in this capacity for about 19 years, consulting, designing forms and workflows, installing and configuring systems, systems support, and training. He dutifully punches out a blog each month, and is responsible for creating training HP training videos, OpenText RightFax and PSI:GEN videos.

[Unofficially] Lanny has digs on Whidbey Island, Washington with his wife of 44 years (that long??), two normal cats and one highly neurotic cat born in Baghdad, Iraq (which explains a lot). When not working or doing laundry, Lanny enjoys waterfowl and landscape photography, and is a student of Soviet social history and jurisprudence, concentrating on pre-revolutionary days to 1956.

He still hides, whimpering, under his desk during fireworks displays.

Al Kelly

Al Kelly

[Officially] Al has worked for Syscom in various capacities over the last four years and is now working with the Client Support team. He holds a B.A. in History and Chinese Studies from the University of Colorado Denver.

[Unofficially] Al spends a majority of his free time listening to, recording, composing, DJing and talking about music. When his ears are tired, Al enjoys reading history and fiction, usually with a cup of tea or coffee close at hand. He also is interested in East Asian culture, and recently returned from a year of teaching English in Southwest China. His greatest joy in life is occasionally beating his father, Syscom Service’s CEO Jim Kelly, in games of ping pong.


OpenText is the clear cut market leader in enterprise fax servers and cloud fax services. Opentext products and solutions include Rightfax fax server, Rightfax Express, Rightfax MFP integrations, Email faxing and Desktop faxing, EasyLink Cloud Services, Fax over IP (FoIP), and Alchemy Document Server.


PSIGEN Software, Inc. provides cutting edge document management and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) features built with state of the art technology, all presented with a user friendly interface. PSI:Capture and PSI:Fusion solutions are scanning and capture onramps for more than 60+ ECM systems and SharePoint.


M-Files enterprise information management solutions (EIM) improve and simplify how businesses manage documents and other information in order to become more productive, more efficient and stay compliant. Thousands of organizations in over 100 countries use M-Files as a single platform for managing their critical business information.


HP Teleform OCR software reduces manual data entry associated with paper forms. HP Teleform software offers unrivalled flexibility in automatically classifying paper forms and converting information from paper into usable digital data.


Auxilio intimately understands healthcare organizations and helps deliver efficiencies across an organization through Managed Print Services, Information Security and Healthcare IT Advisory Solutions. Auxilio serves a national portfolio of over 120 hospital campuses and manages over 1.3 billion documents annually from over 60,000 devices supporting over 250,000 caregivers.

Enabling Technologies

Enabling Technologies Corp. focuses on Microsoft’s latest communications and collaboration solutions, bringing over 20 years of expertise to organizations of all sizes. Enabling Technologies focuses on Office 365, Lync & Exchange, handling planning, design, and implementation work.

United Business Technologies

United Business Technologies is an industry leader in imaging solutions that is committed to providing quality Canon, Toshiba and Hewlett-Packard digital copiers, printers, color copiers and facsimile products supported by award-winning technical service and the most comprehensive array of customer guarantees and warranties in the industry.


QFI has been providing document management solutions in the Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia area for over 20 years. Their expertise includes document scanning, document imaging, data conversion, large scale scanning and much more.

Meridian Imaging

Meridian is known for their capacity to solve their customers’ network and document problems. From desktop printers, to multifunctional copier machines, to advanced production printing equipment and even wide-format printers, Meridian can supply equipment for all of your output needs.

Digital Office Products

Digital Office Products understands the need for exceptional products, service and support. We accomplish this by providing Toshiba, HP, and Lexmark products with cutting edge technology, a staff of highly trained service representatives and an informative customer service team.