RightFax MFP Integration

Integrate your MFPs with a RightFax solution to save money, increase security and centralize document management. This integration will not only allow you to track each department’s faxing, printing, and copying usage, but it will also reduce the number of standalone fax machines and analog phone lines throughout your organization. Additionally, RightFax’s reporting capabilities will allow you to maximize visibility into your MFP activity.

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Why Integrate?

If you answer, yes to any of these scenarios, you should consider integrating sooner than later.

  • You spend a lot of money faxing paper documents from MFPs (e.g. Ricoh, Xerox, Konica Minolta and HP), MFDs or fax machines.
  • You are evaluating the purchase of new MFPs and you want to reduce expenditures.

  • You want to reduce telephony costs by consolidating multiple phone lines connected to standalone fax machines or an MFP fax kit.

Benefits of Full Integration

  • Increase productivity for mobile or remote users by enabling access through the web.
  • Eliminating time-consuming manual faxing by sending faxes as emails through full email integration with Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes or any SMTP client.

  • Increase ROI by seamlessly integrating with telephony infrastructure for a robust, unified communications implementation.