RightFax Connect

RightFax Connect is a hybrid faxing solution perfect for organizations seeking a fax server solution that doesn’t require in-house telephony management. By combining your RightFax with RightFax Connect, you can send and receive faxes as you normally would while eliminating the cost of telephony.

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Why RightFax Connect

RightFax Connect easily combines cloud-based delivery with a RightFax server. This hybrid solution gets rid of fax boards, channels, gateways, analog phone lines and complex PBX integrations, which saves time and money during deployment and throughout business expansion. Most importantly, it automatically provides capacity as your fax volume fluctuates and doesn’t require you to run a dedicated fax server.

Benefit of RightFax Connect

  • Eliminates costly telephone lines, long distance charges, fax boards, fax channels, and gateways by sending and receiving faxes via the cloud.
  • Allows you to send faxes without a fax number – you don’t need a fax number to send, only to receive.

  • Frees your valuable IT and telecom staff from estimating, setting up, and operating phone lines for fax.
  • Only charges you for the faxes you send and receive so that you can maintain affordable, predictable costs based on usage, not per-user.