PSI:Capture & Fusion

PSI:Capture and its cloud based add-on, PSI:Fusion, are taking data capture to the next level. In a manner of seconds, these solutions can automatically extract and index data from large volumes of paper and electronic documents with advanced OCR and ICR technologies. This cuts down on manual data entry and increases the accuracy of information, making it much more valuable over time.

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Why PSI:Capture?

PSI:Capture is an enterprise-quality, highly scalable document capture application with dozens of robust features which cover the document scanning and capture requirements for businesses of all sizes. One of its greatest advantages is its ability to read unconstrained print fields and automatically process documents, which are then exported and migrated to an array of enterprise information management and document management systems, including M-Files, Alchemy and SharePoint. PSI:Capture is an ideal data capture solution for invoice processing, purchase orders, check processing and service agreements.


Why PSI:Fusion?

PSI:Fusion, an add-on to PSI:Capture, provides client capture capabilities from just about any browser or device. With a built-in barcode generator, users can scan documents into their PSI:Fusion queues, index their documents automatically with assigned metadata, and send them to their final destination.