If you are considering moving away from on-premise fax installations and to the cloud, Fax2Mail gives you all the advanced fax capabilities you need without carrying fixed costs. Fax2Mail is designed to address the needs of today’s global enterprise by providing greater reliability, availability, and security via cloud computing. Fax2Mail is a 100% outsourced email-based faxing service that allows your employees to send and receive faxes as electronic messages, directly from their email accounts – anytime, anywhere.

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Why Fax2Mail?

Fax2Mail eliminates the need for fax servers, fax machines, and related infrastructure, reducing fax costs while improving productivity. As a fully hosted service, you can help align your fax services with the business goals and strategic direction of your enterprise.


Benefits of Cloud Faxing with Fax2Mail

  • Trackable delivery with no busy signals or capacity constraints.
  • Uses industry-standard 128-bit encryption for information sent and received.

  • A world-class network that scales to support large data transmissions and peak periods.
  • Eliminates capital costs, software fees, telecom charges, and ongoing maintenance with our hosted solution.