M-Files is a powerful, metadata-powered enterprise information management (EIM) and document management solution that solves the problems of managing, finding, and tracking information (e.g. contacts, emails, documents, projects and assignments) in companies of all sizes. With M-Files’ cloud and network accessibility, employees can easily file and find secure documents – no matter their source of origin.

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Why M-Files?

One of the beauties of M-Files is that it isn’t a massive budget-killing monster system that takes years to build and ends up with low internal adoption. M-Files is extremely easy to implement, can be accessed from a network, the web and mobile devices, and it is so easy to use that its adoption rate continues to soar. Its access via mobile devices and web browsers further encourage users to get tasks done on the go and while working remotely.

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Find information quickly and easily

Whether you are an HR manager needing to track applications, a lawyer with thousands of documents to store and search, or an association database manager looking to track certification information, M-Files will give you the power to store and find information quickly and easily. Think Google search for everything in your computer systems. It’s just as fast, just as helpful and just as scalable!