Alchemy Document Server

Alchemy Document Server’s robust search capability allows you to find specific data within millions of documents, open them directly in applications like Microsoft Office, and save them as updated files – all in one sitting. It also allows you to save money on traditional paper purchases, deliveries, and storage while providing your employees and customers with controlled access to documents right from their computer.

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Why Alchemy?

Document search and retrieval has gotten quicker and easier with this secure electronic filing cabinet. Small and mid-size businesses can capture, store, and retrieve any document type in this enterprise-wide content repository. You can even access your documents from an enhanced web client that allows you to securely access them from any browser. This will result in zero desktop footprint.


Easy Deployment and Usage

Alchemy can easily be deployed and later accessed by non-technical users who can easily make sense of the new document management solution in order to index documents from a variety of different sources. This stand-alone product can capture and import documents from multifunction devices, scanners, fax servers (e.g. RightFax) and appliances, desktop applications, Microsoft SharePoint and Exchange, third-party capture platforms (e.g. PSI:Capture), and more.