Enterprise Information Management

The traditional folder-based system of organizing digital information wasn’t designed to handle the massive quantities of data that modern enterprises handle on a day to day basis. Locating, sharing and securing documents and information is slow and burdensome. Our Enterprise Information Management systems use revolutionary systems of tagging and access levels to make all of your information easy to find, organize, and share. Each system is tailored to the needs of the organization, and is as flexible as it is powerful and affordable.

2015 Forrester Wave ECM Report

M-Files was ranked in the top 11 enterprise content management (ECM) software providers in the 2015 Forrester Wave ECM Report. See what sets M-Files apart from other vendors.

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M-Files Product Evaluation

M-Files may not be the oldest product on the market, but it has many advantages over Microsoft’s SharePoint. Learn the benefits of switching to M-Files in the Product Evaluation.
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