Virtualize your fax process with Dialogic’s high-performance fax boards, SR140 fax software, and media gateways. These solutions will allow you to:

  • send and receive secure faxes at fast connection rates across a wide variety of fax machines and telephone lines,
  • reduce call setup and session management time by a third,
  • save money on long-distance toll charges,
  • lower energy consumption, and
  • eliminate the need for expensive fax cards.

Convert to FoIP-enabled channel licenses 

For years, we have sold and supported the traditional Dialogic Brooktrout TR1034 fax board for analog and digital telephony. This fax board is available for purchase and still serves the needs of many of our clients. Despite this, shifting from physical fax cards to Dialogic SR140 fax software, or OpenText’s FoIP-enabled channel license with SR140 fax software, gives our clients peace of mind. This reassurance comes from knowing that their faxing equipment can no longer be physically broken or become physically incapable of fitting into an upgraded server.

FoIP Benefits and Options

The primary benefits of purchasing this FoIP-enabled channel license are its affordability and ability to leverage redundancy and disaster recovery. With this option, Dialogic will remove the need and cost for fax cards, regardless of later server changes. It also serves as a future-proof investment for businesses.

To leverage Dialogic SR140 software, you will need to connect to a T.38-supported Voice-over-IP (VoIP) environment, typically through Cisco or Avaya.

If you don’t have a T.38 VoIP environment, you can take advantage of FoIP by using OpenText’s fax gateway that communicates with T.38 and T.30 protocols (see figures below). Similarly, if you are looking to completely eliminate the need to manage a telecommunications infrastructure, you should consider faxing through hosted telephony services with RightFax Connect or babyTel.

FoIP Installation

FoIP with OpenText Fax Gateway

Fax Capabilities, Support, and Security

For your security, Dialogic can be integrated with document management and business process automation systems to support compliance with regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, and Basel II. It also comes equipped with patented inbound fax routing and is supported by more than 50 software partners. Since its inception, we have installed Dialogic fax boards into hundreds of RightFax systems.